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At Sasha Xarrian's request, I've gone ahead and put together this amazing success package for you. This rare collection of wealth creation products: "Wealth Mastery Secrets" normally sells for $97, but I'm dropping the price today for you to not $77, not $67, not even $57... even less than that! Why? Because any friend of Sasha's is a friend of mine!

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Have a Powerful Day,

P.S. My accountant thinks I'm nuts for doing this. So to keep my accountant happy, I am going to limit this offer and pull it soon. (Just so you know - my accountants an okay guy, his forehead just hurts from banging his head on his desk whenever I do one of my outrageous thank you sales.)

Warning: The price goes back to $97 SOON!!

If for any reason you can't complete checkout, email me keith@selfmasterysecrets.com and I'll help you process it.

Online Wealth Building Secrets Revealed...

Who Else Wants Instant Access to  Powerful Money-Making Secrets that Create Wealth and Success Now?

Discover How to Unleash a Storm of Profits by leveraging proven cash-generating success principles


Keith Matthew
Braselton, Georgia

Dear Wealth Mastery Student,

The Number 1 question people ask me is, "How did you do it?"

How did I "come out of nowhere" and put together a business that generates six figures with virtually no employees and little overhead? And doing exactly what I love to do too!  [UPDATE: I'm now moving toward earning 7-figures.]

They say, Keith, how did you outsell and outperform other marketers who have been marketing longer than you, were more well-known than you, and had list sizes 2x, 5x, and even 10x the size of yours?  How did you sell over $17,000 in products in less than 30 days when you never had a business before?

The answer is simple actually: I discovered a system that actually creates results!

I remember the first seminar I went to just a year earlier (back in 2005): it was in Las Vegas and some of the top presenters in our industry were speaking there. I was an employee on payroll and 'timekeeper' for the presenters.

I held the time cards for T. Harv Eker, Jack Canfield, Stephen Pierce, John Childers and many other greats. Omar Peru was spot on. His presentation was so polished he finished on the dot and without a watch (he didn't even need the time cards).

It was that same seminar that I had the privilege of sitting at a 'roundtable of millionaires' for lunch. I was pretty uncomfortable because I was only making $45k per year and was on someone's payroll while every single person at the table was a multi-millionaire.

I held my own though. There was something about being in the company of millionaires that told me one day I would have my turn...

"$45k Guy" Transforms Into a Six-Figure Per Year Entrepreneur

If you ever want to completely SMACK small thinking out of your head, join a mentoring program where you can be around someone who truly understands 'the speed of money'.

That's what I did...I paid $6,300 (33% of my life savings) to be around someone who was making $30,000 per MONTH - almost as much as I'd been making in an entire year!

PROOF that Wealth Creation Works

I'm not here to tell you I created wealth in a flash...far from it. I made one sale my first month. But when you listen to successful people and consistently take action, good things are bound to happen - just like what happened with my product sales in March during my first 3 years as an entrepreneur and business owner (as shown below):

March 2005 vs 2006 vs 2007 Sales

Sales Comparison

Here is what others have to say about making wealthy choices...

“...After only 30 minutes with Keith Matthew, I was able to increase my income by $5,000 in 24 hours"

"I spoke to Keith for about a half an hour recently about making wealthy choices. And literally within 24 hours I increased my income by $5,000. Keith helped me to realize I was giving money away and he helped me to recapture that income. Keith has a real knack for coaching you into having the right mindset for making a lot of money.

I would have to tell you that anything you do with Keith can bring you a very significant return on investment. "

Bill White, The Synchronicity Expert


“I'm looking forward to your next presentation"

Hi Keith,

I just want you to know that it was extremely encouraging to hear a successful person such as yourself speak in a normal voice (rather than the selling voice). Makes me, an eBay artist and normal person, have hope that I too fit in that crowd as you pointed out. I am looking forward to your next presentation."

Pat O'Hanlon


All New, Exclusive Release Not Available Anywhere Else...

How I Made Over $52,000 in
60 Days...without a product!

Exclusive Audio MP3 and Bonus Transcript
A $197.00 Value

Finally, for the first time ever, I am making this information available along with the downloadable MP3's and PDF Transcripts...

On this call I reveal:

The Power of Building Your Own List

  • How I built a list of 40,000+ subscribers in less than 24 months

  • How to build your list, interact with your list, and promote to your list

  • How I specifically promoted "big ticket" items

  • How to leverage someone else's strength and turn it into massive success

  • How my list was cut down to 20,000 almost overnight and what I did to combat this common occurrence

  • How to stop wasting valuable time with 'false prospects' and attract the highest quality ones to you (stop chasing and cold calling!)

  • Ezine Advertising - how to pick the best ezines to advertise in

A Proven Method For Building Rapport With Prospects While Dramatically Increasing Sales

  • The 3 Most Important Things You Must Do to Get Your List to Know You, Like You, and Trust You

  • How to start every email you ever write from this day forward

  • How to "train" your prospects to welcome any offer you send them

  • How I write every email, from introduction to offer

  • A simple yet often overlooked method for increasing responses and sales.

Another 'Wealth Mastery' Exclusive:

Wealthy Mastery Training Series

Exclusive Audio MP3's Lifetime Access to Wealth Mastery to Profitability Training Calls
A $297.00 Value

Do you think you could learn a thing or two from multi-millionaires?  Join me as we uncover the secrets to creating wealth.  1-hour audio

There are 4 Cornerstones that create your future success. Find out what they are and how to leverage them now. 1-hour audio

We're Just Getting Started Here!

Warning! Your income may start JUMPING if you take advantage of this special offer.
Do NOT get this if you are afraid of ramping up your earnings...

The following are all directly related to your goal of learning to make wealthy choices so you can create an abundant, fulfilling life for yourself - and add tremendous value to this already incredible deal...

Business Explosion Secrets
A $47.00 Value

David Riklan, founder of the top personal development site on the web today, "SelfGrowth.com", had a vision 10 years ago and turned it into a multi-million dollar company. David reveals exactly how he did it and, more importantly, he shares firsthand insights on what you will have to do in order to achieve your dreams too!


In this interview, you'll:

  • Discover key insights on how you can begin building a million dollar company (whether it's web based or traditional brick and mortar)

  • Find out the 3 most important success secrets David's learned while building the #1 personal development site on the web today
  • David Riklan reveals a future vision for SelfGrowth.com and the personal development industry as a whole over the next few years (you won't want to miss this one!)

Profit Acceleration Process Revealed
A $47.00 Value

Mark Joyner, #1 best-selling author, founder of Simple•ology, "the simple science of getting what you want", and often referred to as 'the godfather of internet marketing', discusses how trickery in your relationships is holding back your personal development and what you can do to accelerate your success.


In this interview, you'll:

  • Discover the Power of 'Quid Pro Quo' in your life

  • Find out why having conflicting desires prevents you from getting what you want - and how understanding the 'Law of Clear Vision' can help you correct this immediately.
  • Mark helps you to recognize some of the ways you are right now being controlled by your environment through 'Divisive Social Dynamics'.

  • Learn how you can become a 'Free Agent' and remove the mechanisms of Fear from your life.


Inner Wealth Entrainment Audios
A $47.00 Value

Inner Wealth
Brain Entrainment
Audio Downloads

Five Amazing Music Tracks, with brain wave entrainment, to stimulate you, to boost your creativity, relax and refresh you and to help you sleep better.

These Inner Wealth audios contain a mixture of binaural beats combined with the atmospheric music tracks which make them easier on the ears compared to stand alone binaural beats audios.

Intended as informational and for enjoyment only, these tracks are not a substitute for diagnosis and treatment by a physician. No guarantee of results are implied or expressed. Music tracks were composed and then combined with binaural beats to produce an outstanding combination of sound and brain waves.

Track 1: Creativity Vibration
Track 2: Anti-Depressant
Track 3: Relaxation
Track 4: Unwind-Refresh
Track 5: Merlin's Sleep Melody

The Wealth Mastery Report
with Master Resale Rights
A $42.00 Value

Wealth Mastery Report | Keith Matthew

We have identified 6 common mistakes that most people make when attempting to build their wealth. These six mistakes have proven to be KILLERS - time and time again squashing the attempts of people just like you to create more income and a better life for themselves.

Don't put act on another business opportunity and don't try to increase your income until you've read this report! I have lost many thousands of dollars during the process of learning about these money-making traps. Do your self a favor and create a more direct path to success for yourself by reading this report.

You don't have to keep making these same mistakes anymore, either. With this special bonus report, you can now start sidestepping them and accelerating your path to success and increased wealth. Isn't it ABOUT TIME?

Wealthy Choices Mindmap
with master resale & distribution rights
A $97.00 Value

Have you ever had a great idea that you KNEW was great? You were so excited because this was a virtual "profit-pulling lock" but weeks later nothing was going according to plan and when all was said and done, it never really even got off the ground?

How about all those New Year's resolutions that fell by the wayside?

Were they all just 'not meant to be'? Or better yet: not meant for YOU?

The best laid plans are likely to fall apart at the seams if you don't have a solid grasp of how your mind works.

Worse yet: what if your unbridled mind actually DOES what you want it to and your thought process is all out of wack? It's in these times you probably wished you HADN'T manifested successfully!

On the other hand, develop a sound foundation in this area and you can start witnessing the tremendous power possibility you have trapped inside yourself.

With the 'Wealthy Choices Mind Map', you can now use the Exact Same Mind Mapping process which has helped me quickly and easily move from 'Average to Great.'

So many choices we make are NOT wealthy choices.

That's the reason I decided to personally put together this 'Wealthy Choices Mind Map' - If you utilize the wealth of wisdom embedded within it, this mind map will likely become one of the key factors contributing in a major way to your success this year.



7-Day Wealth Mastery ecourse
A $27.00 Value

You'll get access to a RED-HOT 7-DAY wealth-building ecourse, delivered to your inbox daily, that will magnetize you to extraordinary financial breakthroughs - Yes, you!

Quickly and easily go from having average success to making giant leaps toward 'Unreasonable Living.' As part of this workshop, you'll get:

  • Discover Proven Success Principles that will help you effortlessly attract better relationships and motivate you to living the life you love. Finally!

  • Get the Millionaire Hotsheet: a Step-By-Step Guide to Financial Freedom and

  • Download the special report: 'The Secret to Creating Limitless Abundance and Having Everything You Want in Life'

  • Brand new one-hour audio on how understanding the Law of Attraction and 'Synchronicity' can help you reach your goals faster

For a Limited Time, You Can Get Instant Access to Everything during this
36-hour special for Sasha Xarrian's subscribers...

YES Keith - I Want to take advantage of this incredible offer. I understand that I will be charged only a measly $297 $197! $47 and get access to everything listed above. I get:

  • "How I Made Over $52,000 in less than 60 Days" (audio mp3)

  • Wealth Mastery Training Series (audio mp3s)

  • Wealth Building Secrets of Multimillionaires (audio mp3)

  • The 4 Cornerstones of Your Success (audio mp3)

  • Business Explosion Secrets (audio mp3)

  • Profit Acceleration Process Revealed (audio mp3)

  • Wealth Mastery Report

  • Wealthy Choices Mindmap

  • 7 Day Wealth Mastery eCourse

Total Value of $997.00

I can't wait to get my hand on these great products.

I can't believe how much you are offering me today, at such a low insane price!

I understand this is a special limited time offer and it will be gone soon

Total Value of $997...
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